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CHS 5% Banquet
The Duneland Education Foundation helps Chesterton High School host a spring banquet to honor seniors in the top five percent of their graduating class as well as a Duneland educator who influenced each student during his or her studies.
CHS LMC MakerSpace
Chesterton High School was awarded funds to start a MakerSpace program in its library to offer students additional low-stakes, non-competitive opportunities to develop their abilities to think critically and creatively.  Students will have the opportunity to use the MakerSpace for passive activities in the library during study hall as well as more structured activities and design challenges after school.
            WIS MakerSpace
Westchester Intermediate School science teachers will advance the opportunities for STEM/STEAM/STREAM learning with a space for hands-on learning and encourage students to pursue science-related careers. The MakerSpace will allow students to create/engineer products, use the scientific method for experiments, share creations and learning through class presentations, and learn from their peers. The MakerSpace will provide teachers with a suitable space for extended projects, storage for science materials and student work, and offer a space for students to display their creations. (Duneland Schools photo by Bridget Martinson)
Student Tech Team
With 50% matching funds from the CMS PTO, the grant funds will be used to purchase ten iPads with silicone covers for use by the CMS Student Tech Team, which will support learning and community engagement with a newly approved course for the 2017-18 year. The students will use the equipment daily as they work to support the CMS building, staff, and student body. The course will simulate a work environment and help students develop work skills.
Music Truck
A project championed by Tom Schnabel, the music truck will be used to transport musical instruments and equipment to CHS Show Choir and CHS Marching Band competitions. The truck will also be used to transport equipment when the CMS orchestra visits the Duneland elementary schools.
Duneland Education Foundation Receives Gift Toward Its Endowment
The Duneland Education Foundation is pleased to announce it has received a $50,000 gift from Bob and Becky Dunbar to further strengthen the Foundation’s endowment. These funds will serve to improve the quality of education for children throughout Duneland. The Dunbars and their family are longtime Duneland residents, and supporters of the Duneland schools. The Foundation is very thankful to be included in the Dunbars’ ongoing generosity.
How to Get Organized and Stay That Way
Chesterton High School students were given the opportunity to attend a workshop by Certified Professional Organizer Wendy Taddeucci presenting strategies for students to get and stay organized.
Learning Alive
Brummitt Elementary Kindergarten teachers were awarded funds to purchase a supplemental reading and math suite called Learning Alive. The augmented reality reading and math curriculum uses advanced technology to improve reading and math skills.

   One School One Book Author Visit
Jackson Elementary Students read the book The Pet War for a shared experience with students, families and teachers. While reading The Pet War, both at home and at school, students participate in a number of writing activities and projects. During a school visit with the author, students gain insight into the creative process as he reads from his book and shares the struggles he encountered during the writing and editing process. (Duneland Schools photo)
                                                       Sqord Video Game Technology
Brummitt was awarded funds to be applied toward the purchase of additional activity monitors, a smaller number of which had already been employed using video game like technology to motivate students to move. The students were able to view their progress as well as that of their peers, their teachers and their principal, then encourage and challenge one another.
             Technology for my Tadpoles
Beginning with outside donations solicited by Katie Hines via the website Donors Choose, Brummitt was awarded funds to be applied toward the goal of purchasing six iPad minis for a first grade classroom, allowing small groups to work together to partake in small group time, literacy centers, virtual field trips and more. (Duneland Schools photo by Bridget Martinson)
DEF $10,000 Gift of Education Scholarship
Bailly Elementary Kindergarten student Ambrea Flick was this year's winner of the fifth annual Duneland Education Foundation (DEF) 10,000 Gift of Education Scholarship Raffle drawing hosted at the annual Gala on April 22. Joining in on the presentation of the check for her college fund is, left to right, Superintendent Dr. David Pruis; her teacher Jacob Havner; her mother Laura Flick; Ambria; Principal Kevin Zeck; Brandon Kroft, Duneland School board member and Allison Kroft, DEF Executive Director. (Duneland Schools photo by Bridget Martinson)
                   Video Game Technology
The Duneland Education Foundation has awarded Brummitt Elementary PE Teacher LouAnn Hopson, center, a video game technology grant that will enhance the physical education experience. This grant has been used to purchase the Sqord video game techology that is being used with some of the fourth grade students. The students wear Sqord watches which record their movement and are integrated with the computer where students can monitor their challenges. Pictured front, left to right, are fourth grade students Savannah Allison, Jacob Spence, PE teacher LouAnn Hopson, Brooke Hanson and Mason Forrester. Back row, Foundation director Allison Kroft, Foundation president Joseph Day and Principal Antonino Cammarata. (Duneland Schools photo by Bridget Martinson)
    CHS 125th Anniversary Display Cases
Chesterton High School and the Duneland Education Foundation presented display cases in recognition of the services of school attorneys Mox G. Ruge and Michael C. Harris. The cases will feature rotating displays including items from the school's 125 year history.
                   Anti-Bully Program
The DEF supported a program designed to empower youth to be part of the solution of bullying, substance abuse and suicide through self-esteem and empathy-building school assemblies.

                    CHS 5% Club 

Chesterton High School hosted the 23rd annual 5% Club Banquet for 22 students of the 2012 senior class at the Water Bird Inn and Spa.



            Foundation Gives Honorarium
The Duneland Education Foundation awarded Chesterton High School vocational student Kyle Gilbert, senior, with a monetary honorarium for his creation of a promotional video for the DEF. Kyle created his recording in the video production class at the Porter County Career Center in Valparaiso.


Acorn Grant Recipients

Bailly Elementary

  • Sandra Campbell The Leader in Me.

Brummitt Elementary

  • Betsy Kazmierczak Learning Alive Augmented Reality Math and Reading Curriculum.
  • LouAnn Hopson Squord Video Game Like Technology; additional monitors.
  • Katie Hines Technology for my Tadpoles.
  • LouAnn Hopson Sqord Video Game Technology.
  • Pamela Moore & Kristen Saler Becoming a Reading Star with QAR.

Jackson Elementary

  • Linda Eleftheri One School, One Book Author Visit.

Liberty Elementary

  • Nicole Bell Scholastic Leveled Book Room.
  • Kristy Jarka The Leader in Me.

Yost Elementary

  • Kristen Borrelli Library Materials.

St. Patrick School

  • Lisa Hughes Technology with Mini iPads.
  • Lisa Hughes Coding with iPad Minis.


 Liberty Intermediate

  • Connie Linsemeyer Maker Space STEM Lab.

Westchester Intermediate

  • Don Justak Microscopes.
  • Maureen Hurst Prevent Bullying Now.
  • Ryan Levan Explore with Astronauts.

Chesterton Middle School

  • Toni Biancardi Student Tech Team.

Chesterton High School

  • Jeff Van Drie 5% Banquet.
  • Emily Wilt CHS LMC MakerSpace.
  • Erin Gerig Music Truck.
  • Emily Wilt How to Get Organized and Stay that Way Seminar.
  • Karen Moffat College Application Camp.
  • Robert Blumenthal South Shore Leadership Youth for Community Engagement (SLYCE).
  • Doug Pishkur & Cindy Hesemann Helping in School, the Community, and Beyond.
  • Kayla Vodnoy Transforming the World Language Classroom to Nurture Effective Foreign Language Communicators.
  • Michael Whistler Learning Explosion.
  • Karla Wilson Extended Hours Media Center.
  • Janna Carney One Book, One School.



   Duneland Schools

  • Dianna Whitman Mr. Mojo.
  • Geof Benson Frog in the Bog & Day Camp Dunes Learning Center.



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